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#food #breakfast #chilaquiles #divorcedchilaquiles #getinmahbelly (at Millans Ranchito)
Mmmmm still thinking about last night and this dessert with Rara too. Nom nom! #dessert #food #syrupdesserts #blueberrywaffle #blueberryicecream #getinmybelly (at Syrup Desserts)


This weekend has been good and bad. I’ll only talk about the good. On Friday I got to hang out with my best friend/big sis Kerri. We had made plans to go to Muzeo for some time now, but I kept having to cancel. I told myself this Friday just HAD to happen. The Muzeo was having two exhibits, the one we wanted to go see which was a Steampunk exhibit and the other was The Queens Gallery. They were both really good! The Steampunk exhibit had a lot of items that were very interesting and showed all the various Steampunk inspiration seen throughout films and art. The Queens Gallery exhibit was also very amusing. I really liked seeing the different designs shown on canes, guns, pipes, and carrying cases. There were various pieces of art, but the one I enjoyed the most was “The Ride of the Valkyries” by William T. Maud and also the painting “Pandora” by Thomas Benjamin Kennington. I also liked that the exhibit talked about literature from this era and showed various visual representations of books and poems. It’s a small museum, but I would definitely return for future exhibits, plus the fact that we had the museum to ourselves since no one was there. After we were done, we headed to a Mexican restaurant that my friend had heard of the was cheap and good called Mexi Casa. It was really good, especially for the price. Plus they had huge jugs of sangria for under $4 and combo plates of food (2 items plus rice and beans) for no more than $5!!. Needless to say we had two jugs of sangria and I had the enchilada and chile relleno plate. It was all so tasty and good. We got lucky also since we got there before 5pm when the restaurant was still quiet. Once we were leaving the place was packed with families. While we were finishing our dinner and sangria, my friend mentioned a hookah place nearby that we should check out. I had never tried smoking a hookah, so I was very interested in checking it out. After a short drive, we found the place, Alwaha BBQ in Anaheim. I was a bit intimidated at first, since all I could see was Islamic men, so I felt a bit out of my comfort zone. But once we walked in, everything was fine. We made sure to be respectful by covering our heads (luckily I had a sweater with a hood) and made our way to the open patio. We literally were there for two hours smoking a rose flavored hookah and drinking tea while talking. That place also became packed by the time we were leaving. Next time we have to try their food, since we heard it was good. It was a really nice afternoon.

The rest of my weekend has been mellow. Sunday nights though are my TV night because all of my shows are on. I just miss The Walking Dead. Plus tonight is the KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas and I want to make sure to make some time to see two sets from tonight’s show; The Black Keys and Jane’s Addiction. Since I wasn’t able to go, I might as well take advantage of the live feed to see it.

In any case, my weekend was decent. I hope you guys had a nice one also. Too bad tomorrow is already Monday and back to work.     

Gorditas 101410 (© Deadzie.)
Upon our arrival to the town where my mom grew up, we had to go grab dinner. My mom grew up in a small town called Acaponeta. Many of the residents here open up their homes to serve dinner a few days a week, the typical food you find are gorditas. They are made with fried tortillas and they add potatoes, veggies, and meat if you want. But what truly makes them gorditas is the special tomato sauce that they come with. And each house serves their food differently, so it’s really fun to go to a few different places. This house was right around the corner from my grandma’s house, so even before this trip we had been here to have dinner. Their gorditas are really really good!! Needless to say, we stopped here for dinner more than a couple times during this trip.
Breakfast 082110 (© Deadzie.)
Having breakfast with Raquel and Louis at Creme de la Crepe. Great food and great company!


Since I take tons of food photos, pretty much every time I go eat I snap a photo of my food, I decided to create a separate tumblr blog. Feel free to check it out and follow. I am still in the process of adding more photos. I hope you guys enjoy :)

♥ The Month in Photos: October 2010

October came so very fast! I was really looking forward to this month since
I had my two week vacation to Mexico with family, plus a couple of fun
in between my trip like the taping for That Metal Show (which we
unfortunately) and the Trailer Park Boys show at the end of the
October was a lot of fun and I am very glad I got to go visit family.
Six years
is way too long to wait to return.


♥ The Month in Photos: Sept 2010

So September was one of those fun months with lots of stuff to look
forward to. I had a Baptism I was shooting for a friend, the Mummies
of the World exhibit, the Dennis Hopper exhibit and the much awaited
Katatonia show that I had missed multiple times before. There was a lot
that I was looking forward to, among other things this month. Read on
to find out more and see photos.