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Viper 051609 (© Deadzie.)
Untitled 051609 (© Deadzie.)
Magic Mountain 051609 (© Deadzie.)

My 2010 in Review

I must say that this past year was filled with a lot of enjoyable
and memorable moments! 2010 did have it’s low points but I
think the fun trips and outings with friends and family made up
for the bad stuff. What a bitch of a year, but I’m glad we survived
another year. Here’s to 2011 being an even better year! So far it’s
moving along nicely.

♥ The Month in Photos: Dec 2010

December was sooo much fun and went by so fast! In between the
I managed to have some fun outings and ended up taking
tons of photos for
the month. Had Kerri’s art show, The Getty, Magic
Mountain, and The Huntington
Library, among a few other things here
and there. Unfortunately there were a lot
of other personal things going
on as well, but luckily we were still able to have
some fun and try to forget
about certain things. It was a fun way to end the year!